Not so Bad

by Naked Brown

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JB thumbnail
JB Some kick ass rock n roll with the growling vocals of a wolfman. A little of the funk form Clutch too, as others mention. Look forward to the next one guys! Favorite track: T.O.D. the Barbarian.
Matthais thumbnail
Matthais If rock is this hard and dirty, if the vocals sound like throaty shoutin´, I´m usually out of the game. But the underlying boogie-vibe of Naked Brown gives this a special touch - and I find myself banging head like an idiot. Favorite track: Just Like Luke.
Harry Harrison
Harry Harrison thumbnail
Harry Harrison Naked Brown is where the swagger of ‘Motor Head’ meet the funk of ‘Clutch’ to have a drink southern-ness of ‘Mississippi Bones’ and the hard rockin’ of ‘Halfway To Gone’. Here you find well written tunes with intricate guitar work that is played with the precision of a metronome. Like the other fans have said; this is fun stuff and good music to get you pumped up for a big night out. Also; check out their EP which they’ve kindly given up for zip. Favorite track: Not so Bad.
jamroom thumbnail
jamroom Fun, kick-ass heavy rock, with riffs a-plenty. Favorite track: T.O.D. the Barbarian.
Ana thumbnail
Ana I'm so glad this was made available! More dirty hard rock from Poland!
With these guys, the (evident) lack of pretentiousness is inversely proportional to the (equally evident) amount of energy that went into creating the album. The result is fresh, fun, and...kind of sexy. :-) The riffs are big, the solos and arrangements interesting, the hooks infectious, the vocals raw and distinctive...a bubbling cauldron, it is indeed! Favorite track: Not so Bad.
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Mateusz Puchniarz - vocal, bass
Maciej Rekowski - guitar
Przemysław Szukaj - guitar
Tomasz Wyrąbkiewicz – drums

all music by Naked Brown
all lyrics by Mateusz Puchniarz

Recorded live at Custom 34 Studio in Gdańsk by Jan Galbas

Vocals recorded by Jan Galbas at Sounds Great Promotion Studio in Gdynia

Mixed and mastered by Jan Galbas

Cover art by Przemysław Szukaj


released November 23, 2013




Naked Brown Gdańsk, Poland

A hard rock band from Gdansk - Poland, formed in 2009. A raw blend of hard rock, heavy metal and stoner.

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Track Name: The King is Back
Have you heard the news that everyone have heard
For the first time in our lives. There’s been a miracle.
See the broadcast on the every television screen
It’s so obvious, clear and sure. And there’s no place for a disbelief

The king is back and he’s more handsome than he’s ever been
Everybody wondering why he showed up suddenly
Special news has interrupted the every day shows
The whole world is watching. Cameras are sending hope

People – are you happy now?
Jimmy Hendrix’s back in town!
So much time he’s been away
Come on Jimmy - play today!
We have waited for so long.
Why have you left us alone?
Let your guitar shine again!
Show these bastards how to play!

Have you heard the news that Jimmy’s coming soon?
Everybody’s gathered to see the great return.
And when the curtain fell we all ware shocked in fact
An ugly plastic figure stood with a guitar on it’s back

People – are happy now?
Plastic Hendrix stands in town.
How we could be so damn wrong?
He ain’t gonna play the show.
Why they tricked us?! Tell me why?!
Mother fuckers – you shall die!
Let’s go home. Let’s watch TV.
Look – it’s Elvis. God – he lives!
Track Name: Henry, Sexy Little Dwarf
Susie was a happy girl
She decided to marry Kyle
He was tall and strong enough
to make Susie fall in love

But the happy days are gone
Kyle is working all day long
He's still tired and pissed off
Ain't got time to make the love

Sadness came and there no hope
Lovely girl's lying alone
Crying, dreaming every day
the good times has passed away

Pretty Susie don't be sad
I will tell you something what
Helps you get the perfect love
When your man is not at home

There a secret, ancient spell
Made by God of love himself
Use it Susie and you'll see
Get undressed, and count to three

Henry - sexy, little dwarf
Wearing armor on his cock
Waiting for you in your bed
Gives you pleasures you won't forget

Henry - sexy, little dwarf
Always ready, always hot
Feel the madness on your skin
Close your eyes and let him in

All the women 'round the globe
Love is closer when you thought
Just remember what to do
Then he'll come and he will screw

He's the tine sex machine
indestructible and real
just lay down because tonight
Henry is ready to fight
Track Name: Not so Bad
A place under the ground. You can’t imagine how deep
A place never discovered. Below the mountains and the seas.
Where fire burn for thousand years. Everything so hot.
A home for those who weren’t good. You go there if you’re bad.

This is hell!
There’s no fireman, There’s no fireman,
There’s no water to put out flames.
You shall yell!
Here comes a demon, comes a demon
Its too late you lost the grace
Its too late. Look at the

Crimson walls and the boiling mud
Rusty cages waits for us
For the sins we did above
We will stay here very long
But the strangest thing of it all
It’s not as bad as we’ve been told
After all we’re not alone
Always we can have a talk

Place above the clouds. It’s hidden some where up there.
Where the silver hills and golden trees are not rare.
But this perfect place has a little defect.
It’s just impossible to find yourself a friend

Tell me why!
There no company, There no company
Where the everybody are
You can’t stand!
Situation, Situation
When there nobody around

This is heaven – lovely place
All your life you ware the best
No one could be as good as you.
You’re in heaven. This is true.
But the strangest thing of it all
It’s not as good as we’ve been told
Like before you’ve got no friends.
Heaven is an empty place.
Track Name: Made to Kill
Nineteen sixty five
Fifth of July – summertime
California – USA
Chicken farm – basket of eggs
Smooth wind blowing – eggshell cracked
Another life has just begun

Grew up like he should
Mighty rooster – looking good
But he knew that he’ll be slain
Scary dogs guarding the fence
Evil farmer with an axe
Will cut his head and cook the guts

Radiation from the east
Changed the chicken into the beast
It was the time – all listen yo!
When bad Georgie went to war

Sweet revenge has become real
Humans don’t deserve to live
Iron muscles hard as hell
Radioactive monster yell
Feathers turning into blades
Rocket launchers and grenades

Scared people running around
It’s the lovely genocide
Mothers, Fathers decapitated
Heads are rolling on the streets
Decorations made of guts
Death and horror – close your eyes
Like in the movies but for real
Georgie has been made to kill
Track Name: T.O.D. the Barbarian
Have you ever wondered where the names come from?
Let me tell you ‘bout the bastard you don’t know.
On the north he lived and bad things the had done
“Tits or death” he streamed so he was called TOD

Rotten was his life, the sinner we has great
Many warrior he had slain using his blade
And each time someone had seen his scary beard
He knew that TOD is coming ‘couse “Tits or death” he screamed

Blood and carnage. War, destruction upon the world
Evil warrior bringing chaos for us all
He’s the nightmare. He’s the cruelest of all man.
All the fools trying to kill him are lie dead

Many lives it took to find the reason why
Bloodshed spreading on the ancient northern land
How to stop the madness, Save those who survived
How to calm the madman before we all die

Fellow warriors listen carefully what I say
None of us can beat this cruel man
And the only way to stop the apocalypse
Is to make our women show him pretty tits

Maybe TOD was real, or maybe he was not
But I’m sure, I tell you – that’s a bloody fact
Fellow ladies – if your man is acting strange
You’ve got something that can heal this wicked man
Track Name: Storm is Comin'
Outlaw sing – the scull and bones
we're sailing south
Long enough the low life lasts
Let's have some fun

The horizon's the border line
We’re Nuptunes tribe
We’re the nightmare of the seas
We’ll send you on the oceans deep

Pistols ready, sabres sharped
We are the cruelest men, the forsaken ones
Death or Glory our Faith

Storm is coming – taste the hell
Hold on tight, there's no escape
Feel the hunger, kill for gold
Fire – FIRE – Flagstaff falls
Fear is another fairy tale
Load the cannon, hear them yell

The Devil’s our dearest friend
Blood on our hands
We're sold our souls – we don't regret
For gold and glory we’ll burn your promised lands

Wind and water our gods
Fight and live or die like the begging ones
Davy Johne’s locker our grave
The sea turned red

Storm is coming – taste the hell
Hold on tight, there's no escape
Feel the hunger, kill for gold
Fire – FIRE – Flagstaff falls
Fear is another fairy tale
Load the cannon, hear them yell
Track Name: Just Like Luke
When I’m bored and getting mad
There’s a thing I like a lot
When I have to stay at home
I’ve got a thing I miss so long
Working hard and getting old
Doesn’t bother me at all
And so I am twenty five
I don’t thing about it now

Let me tell you what I see
When I turn on the TV
See them flying – oh! – so high
When they fighting for there lives
Watching good guys fighting bad
Brothers, sisters – I like that
Planets, stars, strange looking guys
It’s my world – I feel alive

Don’t you think how it will be?
Close your eyes and try to see.
Be the hero, save the day
Kill the bad guys, fly away
Shoot the laser, swing the sword
Just for moment, not for long
Be the hero – it’s to good!
Like Skywalker – Just like Luke!