Made to Kill

from by Naked Brown



Nineteen sixty five
Fifth of July – summertime
California – USA
Chicken farm – basket of eggs
Smooth wind blowing – eggshell cracked
Another life has just begun

Grew up like he should
Mighty rooster – looking good
But he knew that he’ll be slain
Scary dogs guarding the fence
Evil farmer with an axe
Will cut his head and cook the guts

Radiation from the east
Changed the chicken into the beast
It was the time – all listen yo!
When bad Georgie went to war

Sweet revenge has become real
Humans don’t deserve to live
Iron muscles hard as hell
Radioactive monster yell
Feathers turning into blades
Rocket launchers and grenades

Scared people running around
It’s the lovely genocide
Mothers, Fathers decapitated
Heads are rolling on the streets
Decorations made of guts
Death and horror – close your eyes
Like in the movies but for real
Georgie has been made to kill


from Not so Bad, released November 23, 2013




Naked Brown Gdańsk, Poland

A hard rock band from Gdansk - Poland, formed in 2009. A raw blend of hard rock, heavy metal and stoner.

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