Not so Bad

from by Naked Brown



A place under the ground. You can’t imagine how deep
A place never discovered. Below the mountains and the seas.
Where fire burn for thousand years. Everything so hot.
A home for those who weren’t good. You go there if you’re bad.

This is hell!
There’s no fireman, There’s no fireman,
There’s no water to put out flames.
You shall yell!
Here comes a demon, comes a demon
Its too late you lost the grace
Its too late. Look at the

Crimson walls and the boiling mud
Rusty cages waits for us
For the sins we did above
We will stay here very long
But the strangest thing of it all
It’s not as bad as we’ve been told
After all we’re not alone
Always we can have a talk

Place above the clouds. It’s hidden some where up there.
Where the silver hills and golden trees are not rare.
But this perfect place has a little defect.
It’s just impossible to find yourself a friend

Tell me why!
There no company, There no company
Where the everybody are
You can’t stand!
Situation, Situation
When there nobody around

This is heaven – lovely place
All your life you ware the best
No one could be as good as you.
You’re in heaven. This is true.
But the strangest thing of it all
It’s not as good as we’ve been told
Like before you’ve got no friends.
Heaven is an empty place.


from Not so Bad, released November 23, 2013




Naked Brown Gdańsk, Poland

A hard rock band from Gdansk - Poland, formed in 2009. A raw blend of hard rock, heavy metal and stoner.

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