T​.​O​.​D. the Barbarian

from by Naked Brown



Have you ever wondered where the names come from?
Let me tell you ‘bout the bastard you don’t know.
On the north he lived and bad things the had done
“Tits or death” he streamed so he was called TOD

Rotten was his life, the sinner we has great
Many warrior he had slain using his blade
And each time someone had seen his scary beard
He knew that TOD is coming ‘couse “Tits or death” he screamed

Blood and carnage. War, destruction upon the world
Evil warrior bringing chaos for us all
He’s the nightmare. He’s the cruelest of all man.
All the fools trying to kill him are lie dead

Many lives it took to find the reason why
Bloodshed spreading on the ancient northern land
How to stop the madness, Save those who survived
How to calm the madman before we all die

Fellow warriors listen carefully what I say
None of us can beat this cruel man
And the only way to stop the apocalypse
Is to make our women show him pretty tits

Maybe TOD was real, or maybe he was not
But I’m sure, I tell you – that’s a bloody fact
Fellow ladies – if your man is acting strange
You’ve got something that can heal this wicked man


from Not so Bad, released November 23, 2013




Naked Brown Gdańsk, Poland

A hard rock band from Gdansk - Poland, formed in 2009. A raw blend of hard rock, heavy metal and stoner.

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