The King is Back

from by Naked Brown



Have you heard the news that everyone have heard
For the first time in our lives. There’s been a miracle.
See the broadcast on the every television screen
It’s so obvious, clear and sure. And there’s no place for a disbelief

The king is back and he’s more handsome than he’s ever been
Everybody wondering why he showed up suddenly
Special news has interrupted the every day shows
The whole world is watching. Cameras are sending hope

People – are you happy now?
Jimmy Hendrix’s back in town!
So much time he’s been away
Come on Jimmy - play today!
We have waited for so long.
Why have you left us alone?
Let your guitar shine again!
Show these bastards how to play!

Have you heard the news that Jimmy’s coming soon?
Everybody’s gathered to see the great return.
And when the curtain fell we all ware shocked in fact
An ugly plastic figure stood with a guitar on it’s back

People – are happy now?
Plastic Hendrix stands in town.
How we could be so damn wrong?
He ain’t gonna play the show.
Why they tricked us?! Tell me why?!
Mother fuckers – you shall die!
Let’s go home. Let’s watch TV.
Look – it’s Elvis. God – he lives!


from Not so Bad, released November 23, 2013




Naked Brown Gdańsk, Poland

A hard rock band from Gdansk - Poland, formed in 2009. A raw blend of hard rock, heavy metal and stoner.

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